Production Schedule


We've finally had a few consecutive days not in the 90s - Yep, September is coming and so is Autumn. A few blogs ago I was writing about the different orders that we have done for military units and I showcased a completed design for the 196th Infantry Brigade. The design incorporated both the units path and insignia along with their name and slogan. Shortly after that post the commander of the unit and I, while working within a budget, came up with an order that allowed us to produce both a small run of Nordic Tankards, and Rancher mug. I was able to save one of the 196th Military Tankards and have photographed it so that you can see it here.

Military Mug by Deneen Pottery - Glaze: Navy Sand White

Not often do we run specials for new customers, during the summer, which is our busiest season... But that is changing right now, starting today!!! That's right - We are offering a 'New Customer' special for the month of August giving a $75.00 discount on the First Time Set-Up fee! This was just approved by our President Peter Deneen, and is available for the whole month of August!!! I was formerly under the impression that the discount was going to be less, but now it turns out that the First Time Set-Up is HALF OFF (regular price is $150.00). To take advantage of this you need to place your first order of 50 signature mugs (or more) in the next 30 days - Delivery will be about 12 weeks, because of our production levels, so mugs will be ready to ship in October or November perfect for the Foliage Season!!! Any questions that you have can be answered by calling us toll free at 888-646-0238.

Estes Park, CO - Owned and operated Lois H. Smith - Stoneware by Deneen Pottery

We are now in our second year of working with the Baldpate Inn and we are just into the heart of the busy season. Thing are going well... Really well actually:

"HELP!  The mugs are flying off the shelves!  We can barely use them in the restaurant we have sold so many!!!   Can we get another order ASAP?  I think you have already sent all I had on my January Pack & Ship order."

"I guess I should have realized these would sell so great, but just didn't anticipate the demand" wrote Lois in a second email after her next order of 350 handmade custom mugs was approved.

Only our best for our Nations best! We love working with military units - and given the chance we will create a the finest handmade mugs in this country. For some clients, like the Patriot Shop in Tennessee, we have produced designs for each branch of service so that they can retail individual mugs through their website.

We have more fun when we are given a challenge... For Camp Lejune we combined the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor along with the famous tree from the entrance of the base for a custom design that looks like this:

Camp Lujune - Footed Mug in Gloss w/Black Fill