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We are the best in the custom pottery mug business and ready to help in any way that we can.

It takes an entire studio of highly skilled individuals working as a team to produce the level of quality and craftsmanship that goes into our custom stoneware mugs and tableware each day. Over 24 pairs of hands touch each hand-thrown pottery piece that begins as a lump of clay and ends as a twice-fired piece of custom Deneen Pottery. Pictured to the right (in our always warm kiln room) is the whole Deneen Pottery team, even Olive, our shop dog. Please feel free to scroll down to learn a little bit more about our leadership team.

Peter Deneen

Owner & Founder

I have never had more fun than I'm having right now, and I remain focused on producing the best custom stoneware products for our customers.

Niles Deneen

President & CEO

Favorite part of working at Deneen Pottery? Everything! Working alongside and inspiring our awesome staff and assisting our incredible customers. Getting to be around such a creative process and talented artists; the variety of opportunities that fill my day keep me on my toes. I love witnessing the transformation from proof to product.

Favorite custom mug style and glaze combo? That's like asking which child I like the most. I love all the styles and colors!

Favorite spot/restaurant/thing to do in Minnesota? In the summer it's gotta be our backyard. Cooking on the grill, eating outside with kids, and dogs running amuck. Winter would be Lutsen skiing or snowboarding, Grand Marais and xc-skiing too!

Important Fact:
I am a Leo and love attention, but like to avoid the spotlight.

Martha Winter & Mary Deneen

The “Mothers” of Deneen Pottery

We enjoy being creative consultants and helping tend to this wonderful “business family.” What a joy it is to see it grow and flourish because we strongly believe that ”Nowhere is beauty more important than in the objects we use everyday” – Marguerite Wildenhain

Sara Kube

Director of Operations

Favorite part of working at Deneen Pottery? The people.

Favorite mug style and glaze combo? Camper/denim.

Favorite spot/restaurant/thing to do in Minnesota? Tandem Vintage, Walker Art Center, Mango Thai, and Merriam Park Library.

Important Fact: I don't own a TV.

Annie Deneen


Pat Snell

Customer Support

Favorite mug style and glaze combo? Too many to mention.

Favorite part of the mug making process? Watching the potters throw. Seeing the mugs fresh out of the kiln.

Favorite thing to do in Minnesota? Spend the weekend at a cabin

Important fact? I’m a twin.

Texas Teena

Art Director

Favorite part of working at Deneen Pottery? I love making art that I can then see across the country when I travel. Friends and family visit places and send me photos of the mugs they encounter and purchase. It is always a thrill and honor to be a part of this company!

Favorite mug style and glaze combo? I am a huge fan of green... Kiwi/Navy White is pretty awesome at the moment.

Favorite spot/restaurant/thing to do in Minnesota? I use to live downtown right beside the Saint Paul Farmers Market. That is my favorite spot to visit, eat, and purchase.

Important Fact? I am Texas Teena. The only satellite for the Deneen family company. Even in the almost 20 years I lived in Minnesota my accent never waned, thus the nickname stuck.

Laura Ahrendt

Graphic Designer

Favorite part of working at Deneen Pottery? Seeing all the unique customers and designs that come through!

Favorite mug style and glaze combo? Footed mug/sage with burgundy white.

Favorite spot/restaurant/thing to do in Minnesota? A great day for me would be wandering the Minneapolis Institute of Art and then grabbing dinner at Hola Arepa.

Important Fact: I played French Horn for 12 years.


The Shop Dog – Minigolden Doodle

Nothing makes me happier than getting to greet people when they come to visit us! I’ve got a pretty sweet set up in the office; my own leather chair to sit on, and a custom doggie dish with my name on it. When you come please bring me a treat, I love treats!

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