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Another Mug Tale – Pie in the Sky

Another Mug Tale – Pie in the Sky

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It has been a while since our last blog and so much has happened here at the pottery. Production is up and lead times are now at just over 10 weeks?!? Yes, it is hard to believe but ever since the holidays things just haven’t slowed down. As Peter Deneen says, “This is a not-so-bad problem to have.”

We are continuing to celebrate our 40th Anniversary and have mailed out our new catalog to all of our customers. If you would like to receive one just click here and send us an email with your address. We have added a few new signature mug styles to our current line up of handmade mugs, developed 9 new satin & matte glazes, and have brought on a few more sizes of soup crocks. Everything will be online and live in about 30 days when we launch our new site!

On a recent trip while in the the Delta Sky Lounge in Atlanta, waiting for my next flight, I got up to help myself to a cup of coffee. When I turned around there was this young man standing behind me. We exchanged pleasantries and as I was stepping past I glanced at the logo on this shirt.

PIE in the SKY… I know this logo well and reached into my pocket to grab my iPhone. I asked if I could take a picture and received a slightly embarrassed, “sure thing”. When I got back to the office a few days later I started telling Teena, Julie and Kristen about this when our shipper, Todd, walked in. I showed him the photo and he pulled me into his area and opened up a box of hand-thrown mugs on the line. “Look what we are about to ship,” Todd said.

What a coincidence – Pie in the Sky mugs were just heading out. I wonder if that young man and his family purchased one of the handmade mugs that we made for our friends in Woods Hold, MA. Either way it is nice to see a familiar face in a foreign place, and to know that our customers names are getting out there, on T-shirts or on our handmade stoneware mugs. What a small world.

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Niles Deneen – CEO, Marketing

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