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The Official Deneen Pottery Mug Collector’s Guide to the National Parks

Love taking trips to National Parks? Looking for a way to remember your experience every morning? Then this guide is exactly what you need to help you build the most amazing National Park Mug collection ever.

Table Of Contents:


Remembering Your Epic National Park Experiences with Each Mug You Collect

In 1972, when our family began making hand-thrown pottery in a two-car garage, we had no idea where our path would lead. The one thing we knew for certain is that we had talent and love for our craft.

As we are quickly approaching our 50th year of making pottery we have a lot to look back on - many ups and downs, or as we call them our challenges and opportunities, and many moments of celebration. Today our mugs can be found in a growing number of National Parks and after sharing the locations on a weekly basis with mug collectors, we decided it was time to create this official list.

While our focus is on creating the highest quality mugs on the planet – a secondary goal seemed obvious. Help build lasting memories for visitors to these national treasures through our mugs. This guide is intended not only to share the physical locations that offer our mugs, the online retailers, but also to give a few fun fact and visitor tips.

The images of mugs contained in this guide are not always going to be available, just like the inventory at visitors centers will also vary depending on the season and the timing of production. What should not be in question is our passion for helping share our work, support of, and enthusiasm for our the National Park System. It takes a collaboration of not-for-profit, for-profit and government players to make the National Parks what they. We are humbled to be a part and honored to share our life’s work to assist in this endeavor.

The mugs pictured in this guide are only available at the real National Parks or from the websites listed. We are only the makers and unfortunately, we do not sell any of these through our website. To build your collection you’ll need to get out and explore or connect with the online stores of these AMAZING NATIONAL PARKS!

Good Luck!

Niles Deneen

5 National Parks & Mugs

Starting w/ Yosemite Natl Park

Yosemite National ParkYosemite is one of the U.S.’s most popular parks, and for good reason. The combination of mountains and forests creates picturesque landscapes for miles around. Fans of the outdoors should recognize the park’s three main centerpieces: El Capitan, Half Dome, and Yosemite Falls. In Yosemite you’ll see the strength of granite, the power of glaciers, an abundance of life and gorgeous views no matter where you turn. Should you ever find yourself in Yosemite, make sure that you stop by Tunnel View, the parks most famous scenic viewpoint, where you can see how towering El Capitan and Half Dome truly are. Animals that you may see out on the trails and near the rivers include black bears, coyotes, bobcats, river otters, red foxes, spotted owls, and cougars.

What not to miss: El Capitan, Half Dome, Yosemite Falls
Best time of year to visit: Springtime if you want to see the waterfalls in full force, fall for backpacking.
Best time of year to avoid the crowds: Spring and fall
Busiest Time of the year: Like most National Parks, Yosemite is busy whenever school is out – but the peak time of year is definitely July and August.
 Helpful Hint: Obey all posted signs.
Caution: Hike in groups when possible and never feed the wildlife!

Yosemite Mugs

Yosemite Conservancy – Half dome The good people down at the Yosemite Conservancy help ensure that the park stays in tip-top shape, and their mug featuring Half Dome is the perfect addition to your mug collection.

Majestic HotelThis slender mug portrays the Majestic Yosemite Hotel, against the backdrop of the looming mountainous cliffs that the park is known for.

Bridalveil Falls Another famous waterfall in Yosemite, Bridalveil falls makes for the perfect design on this mug. A great mug to help you reflect on your trip to this wonderful park.

Where to Buy Mugs

There are currently two mugs available from the Yosemite Conservancy online here.

For purchasing mugs inside the park, visit the following locations:

Valley Visitor Center
9035 Village Drive
YNP, CA  95389

Wawona Visitor Center at Hill’s Studio
8308 Wawona Road
Fishcamp, CA  93623

Big Oak Flat Information Center
Hwy. 120, North West Entrance
YNP, CA  95389

Tuolumne Meadows Visitor Center
Hwy. 120 (Follow the signs)
YNP, CA  95389

Mariposa Grove Depot
9219 Wawona Rd.
Yosemite National Park, CA  95389

Glacier National Park


Glacier National Park holds a special place in outdoor enthusiasts hearts for its sheer beauty and size. Imposing snow-capped mountains and stunning blue lakes highlight the park. Lake McDonald on the west side of the park is one of the top spots to catch these views.

The Iceberg Lake Trail is a must do for hikers, while Going-to-the-Sun Road is one of the most popular scenic drives in the country. The road, which divides the east and west regions, has plenty of areas along the way where you can pull-off and take in the mountains.

Glacier Bay National Park

Sperry Chalet Unfortunately the Sperry Chalet building burned down in 2017 due to a fire, but you can support the rebuilding process by donating here and show your support by purchasing a mug.

If you’re really looking to get a workout in, then head down the Highline Trail, which follows the Continental Device and features stunning scenery of the glacial valleys. Eleven miles in all, the trail is one of the toughest in the Park. While in Glacier, see if you can spot the following animals: lynx, bighorn sheep, black bears, deer, and the very popular mountain goats.

What not to miss: Going-to-the-Sun Road, Many Glacier Valley, and Two Medicine
Best time of year to visit: Early September for a less crowded experience, but July and August are breathtaking in Glacier.
Best time of year to avoid the crowds: September
Busiest Time of year: Early July to mid August
Helpful Hint: Bring a lot of water, buy bear spray (just in case), and get up early to beat the crowds
Caution: Don’t feed the sheep! No matter how much they beg. Stay away from cliff edges and bring your bear spray

Glacier Mugs

Black BearThe black bear inhabits Glacier National Park and the sturdy and agile animal’s silhouette serves this mug well.

Grinnell Point A favorite spot for outdoor photographers, Grinnell Point is featured on this mug, including the exact longitude and longitude of the location.

Logan PassAnother picturesque location (although there are many), Logan Pass was an obvious choice for the detailing on this mug.

Where to Buy Mugs

You can purchase any of these awesome designs from Glacier National Park Conservancy here. To purchase mugs inside the park, visit the following locations:

Two Medicine General Store
Glacier National Park
West Glacier, MT 59936

Many Glacier Hotel
1 Rte 3
Browning, MT 59417

Swiftcurrent Motor Inn
Columbia Falls
MT 59912

Rising Sun General Store
Going-to-the-Sun Road
East Glacier Park, MT 59417

Logan Pass Visitor Center
Browning, MT 59417

St Mary Visitor Center
Browning, MT 59417

Historic Belton Train Station
12544 Hwy 2 East
West Glacier, MT 59936

Lake McDonald Lodge
288 Lake Mcdonald Lodge Loop
West Glacier, MT 59936

Agpar Vistor and Transportation Center
West Glacier, MT 59936

Lake McDonald Hotel and Gift Store

Lake McDonald General Store

Grand Canyon


Grand Canyon - ArizonaThe Grand Canyon is millions of years in the making, as erosion over the years has exposed the multi-colored layers of the Colorado Plateau in the mesas and canyon walls around the park. Many big-time hikers will take on the park’s epic rim-to-rim hike, which will take approximately 5-7 days to complete. For a shorter hike, try the South Kaibab Trail or the Bright Angel Trail, both of which can be done in a day.

Hermit Road Drive is an excellent way to see a lot in a little amount of time if you’re just passing through. Meanwhile, Mather Point Overlook is one of the best scenic spots in the all of the park. While taking in the valleys of the Grand Canyon, look for the following animals: elk, California condors, bighorn sheep, and the occasional mountain lion (although sightings are rare).

What not to miss: Desert View Tower, Mather Point Overlook, the Yavapai Geology Museum
Best time of the year to visit: Autumn. The weather is excellent, the river is orange, and it isn’t as crowded as the summer months
Best time of the year to avoid crowds: December-April
Busiest time of the year: Summer months
Helpful Hint: Bring layers of clothing, as the weather can be cooler than you think. Also, make sure you arrive before 10 am if you want to snag a parking spot
Caution: Ride the mule, not the elk! And never get too close to the edge

Grand Canyon Mugs

Rock formations and erosion highlighted Another mug that perfectly highlights the rough, rugged terrain of the Grand Canyon National Park.
100th anniversary Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Grand Canyon National Park with this mug, which features the jagged Colorado Plateau.

Where to Buy Mugs

You can purchase Grand Canyon mugs at the Grand Canyon Lodges website here.
In the park, look for the following locations to buy a mug:

National Geographic Visitor Center
450 AZ-64
Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023

Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel
235 N Grand Canyon Blvd
Williams, AZ 86046

El Tovar Hotel
9 Village Loop Dr
Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023

The Hopi House
Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023

Great Smoky Mountains

Tennessee and North Carolina

Ridge upon ridge of forest straddles the border between North Carolina and Tennessee in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Known for its diversity of life and the beauty of its ancient mountains, this is America's most visited national park.

Some of the most popular hiking destinations include Charlies Bunion, Alum Cave Bluffs, Andrews Bald, and Rainbow Falls. For kid-friendly hikes, check out the Kephart Prong Trail and Porters Creek.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee and North Carolina

Black Bear Black bears are commonly found within the Smoky and while they rarely will try and harm humans, this mug is a helpful reminder to respect the wildlife in these parks.

While the Smoky Mountains will look gorgeous anytime of the year, the park truly comes to life in the fall, where the red, orange, and yellow leaves can be seen touching the horizon. Animals to look for in this park include: black bears, raccoons, woodchucks, white-tailed deer, and elk.

What not to miss: While it may take multiple trips to see everything the Smoky Mountains have to offer, make sure you stop by Cades Cove and Clingmans Dome during your first trip.
Best time of the year to visit: Autumn. The weather is fantastic and the fall foliage is stunning. Spring is a great time as well, as the trees shake off their winter dustings and green emerges once more.
Best time of the year to avoid crowds: September and April
Busiest time of the year: July and October
Helpful Hint: Bring plenty of water on the trails
Caution: Do not approach the wildlife!

Smoky Mountain Mugs:

Tulip PoplarThe Smoky’s are known for their giant tulip trees, so it absolutely made sense to create mug revolved around these towering trees.

Old Cabin The Smoky Mountains have some antique cabins hidden among the tall trees, and if you look closely, you just might find a couple.

All threeThis mug features all three of the previous emblems.

Where to Buy Mugs

You can purchase Smoky Mountain mugs at the Great Smoky Mountain Association website here.

Or, visit the following locations if you are in the park:

Cades Cove Visitor Center
686 Cades Cove Loop Road
Townsend TN 37882

Clingmans Dome Visitor Center

7078 Clingmans Dome Road
Cherokee NC 28719

Gatlinburg Welcome Center
1011 Banner Road
Gatlinburg, TN 37738

Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont Visitor Center
9275 Tremont Road
Townsend, TN 37882

Sugarlands Visitor Center and Museum
1420 Fighting Creek Gap Rd.
Gatlinburg TN 37738

Townsend Visitor Center
7906 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway
Townsend TN 37882

Swain County Visitor Center and Museum
255 Main Street
Bryson City NC 28713

Oconaluftee Visitor Center and Museum
1194 Newfound Gap Highway
Cherokee, NC 28719

Arches National Park


arches-national-parkArches National Park is a place of open night skies and breathtaking sandstone structures. Millions of years of erosion have created the park’s hallowed arches, including the popular Delicate Arch, Landscape Arch, and Double Arch. This park can be unforgiving with the dry desert heat and altitude, so water should always be on standby after hikes and while exploring. Despite the conditions, wildlife still thrives in these conditions by using nocturnal strategies to survive. Be on the lookout for the following critters: kangaroo rat skunks, ringtails, foxes, bobcats, owls, deer, mountain lions, and black-tailed jackrabbits.

Arches National Park truly comes alive at night, where stargazing is a must if you’re planning a visit. Balanced Rock Picnic Area, the Windows Section, Garden of Eden Viewpoint, and Panorama Point are some of the best places to go for stargazing. Pro tip: bring a star chart and stargaze during a new moon or when the moon is below the horizon to really see the stars.

What not to miss: The Windows, which is the most accessible place in the park to see the most arches!
If you have the time, Delicate Arch is also incredible, but will include about a mile of trails to reach.
Best time of year to visit: Early part of November, as the crowds have thinned out and the temps are perfect for hiking.
Best time of year to avoid the crowds: December – January and definitely any holiday weekends.
Busiest time of year: June, July, and August
Helpful Hint: No matter where you explore in canyon country be sure to bring and drink plenty of water.
Caution: Be sure to stay on the trails because the soil is alive!

Arches Mugs

Where to Buy Mugs
You can purchase this mug online at the Canyonlands Natural History Association shop here.
Or, visit the Island of the Sky Visitor Center and Arches Visitor Center.

Images credits:
Yosemite – Mark J. Miller
Glacier National Park – Bradley Davis
Grand Canyon – Grand Canyon National Park
Smoky Mountains – The Soar Net
Arches – Neil Herbert

Arches Mugs


Within the Intermountain region, adventure-seekers road-trippers will come across some of the countries most recognizable national parks. Rocky Mountain National Park, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, and Glacier National Park all call the Intermountain Region Home. Breathtaking mountains are the highlight of a lot of the parks in the northern portion of the region. Meanwhile, the southern parks feature large canyons and sweeping desert views. All-in-all, there isn’t a bad view anywhere you go.

Big Bend National Park – Texas

What not to miss:
The Fossil Discovery Exhibit for learning more about the history of the land and the mighty Rio Grande for taking in sites of the powerful river.
Where to buy mugs:
Panther Junction Visitor Center
Big Bend National Park, TX 79834

Black Canyon of the Gunnison – Colorado

What not to miss:
The iconic Painted Wall – the tallest cliff face in Colorado.
Where to buy mugs:
The South Rim Visitors Center
10346 Hwy 347
Montrose, CO 81401

And the mugs are available online here.

Bryce Canyon – Utah

What not to miss:
The Bryce Amphitheater which is home to some extraordinary views.
Where to Buy Mugs:
Bryce Canyon Visitor Center just inside the the park.

And the mugs are available online here.

Canyonlands National Park – Utah

What not to miss:
Mesa Arch — This spectacular arch is perched on the edge of a cliff, so be careful.
Where to buy mugs:
At the Islands in the Sky Visitors Center and online here

Capitol Reef National Park- Utah

What not to miss:
Cassidy Arch – named after the infamous outlaw. Butch Cassidy, who used to hid out in the area.
Where to buy mugs:
Capitol Reef National Park Visitor
Torrey, UT 84775

Gifford House
Capitol Reef National Park Scenic Drive
Teasdale, UT 84773

Carlsbad Caverns – New Mexico

What not to miss:
Definitely the bat flights if you’re here during the summer or early fall.
Where to buy mugs:
Carlsbad Cavern Visitors Center
727 Carlsbad Caverns Highway
Carlsbad, NM 88220

And mugs are available online here.

Grand Teton National Park – Wyoming

What not to miss:
The epic views of the Teton Range.
Where to buy mugs:
The Grand Teton Association in Moose, WY.

Colter Bay Visitors Center
640 Cottonwood Way
Moran, WY 83013

Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center
1 Teton Park Road
Moose, WY 83012

Jenny Lake Visitors Center (Currently Closed)
403 South Jenny Lake Drive
Moose, WY 83012

Great Sand Dunes National Park – Colorado

What not to miss:
If you are up for a challenge then attempt to hike to High Dune and or Star Dune, which is well worth the effort.
Where to buy mugs:
Great Sand Dunes Visitors Center
11999 State Highway 150
Mosca, CO 81146

Mugs are also available online here.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park – Texas

What not to miss:
Views of El Capitan and Guadalupe Peak from the picnic area on 62/180 south of the visitor center, about 4 miles.
Where to buy mugs:
Visitor Center
400 Pine Canyon
Salt Flat, TX 79847

And the mugs are also available online from the WNPA store here.

Mesa Verde National Park – Colorado

What not to miss:
Taking the “700 Year Tour” really gives guests detailed info on the area’s inhabitants and their way of life, along with taking a tour of Balcony House. Touring Cliff Palace (the largest cliff dwelling in North America) is a must as well; this requires purchasing a ticket in advance and is a ranger-guided tour.

Where to buy mugs:
Spruce Tree Terrace
Far View Terrace
Far View Lodge

You can call the Retail Department at 970-564-4301 for single mug shipments.

Rocky Mountain National Park – Colorado

What not to miss:
Taking Old Fall River Road up to the top of Rocky Mountain National Park is always spectacular.
Where to buy mugs:
Trail Ridge Gift Store
80517 Estes Park, Colorado

You can purchase the mugs online through the Trail Ridge Gift Store here.

Saguaro National Park – Arizona

What not to miss: The Signal Hill Petroglyphs.
Where to buy mugs:
Rincon Mountain Visitor Center
Rincon Mountain District
3693 S. Old Spanish Trail
Tucson, AZ 85730

Red Hills Visitor Center
Tucson Mountain District
2700 N. Kinney Rd
Tucson, AZ 85743

You can purchase the mugs online here.

White Sands National Park

What not to miss:
Visiting this new park in 2020 – in it’s first year as a National Park. Playing on the sand, bring your sleds and plenty of sunscreen!

Where to buy mugs:
White Sands National Park Visitors Center
19955 Hwy 70 W
Alamogordo, NM 88310

Mugs are available online from our Partners at Western National Parks Store here.

Yellowstone – Idaho, Montana, Wyoming

What not to miss:
Grand Prismatic Spring and the Buffalo in Hayden Valley
Where to buy mugs:
Yellowstone Forever
115 3rd Street South
Gardiner, MT 59030

Bozeman International Airport
850 Gallatin Field Rd
Belgrade, MT 59714

Lake Yellowstone Hotel
235 Yellowstone Lake Rd
Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190

Old Faithful Inn Gift Store
1 Grand Loop Rd
Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190

Old Faithful Inn Mugs are not available online right now.

Old Faithful Snow Lodge
2051 Snow Lodge Ave
Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190

Canyon Lodge Gift Store
41 Clover Ln
Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190

Lake Lodge Gift Store

Mammoth Gift Store

Zion National Park – Utah

What not to miss:
Zion National Park, established in 1919 as Utah’s first National Park. Visitors may choose from a wide variety of walks and hikes of varying lengths, or choose to stay on the shuttle bus for a scenic ride through Zion’s main canyon. For a close up experience, bicyclists are allowed to ride on the main road year round.
Canyon Overlook and Observation Point have magnificent views from up high, while the Riverside Walk leading up to the Narrows offers shade in the summer with canyon walls soaring hundreds of feet overhead and the rushing sound of the Virgin River passing by. Canyon Overlook has the best view in the park, Kolob Canyon is a great off-the-beaten-path spot.
Where to Buy Mugs:

Zion National Park Visitor Center
Transit Center, Park Shuttle Stop 1
Zion Forever Project, Park Store
1 Zion National Park
Springdale, UT 84774

Zion Human History Museum
Park Shuttle Stop 2
Zion Forever Project, Park Store

Kolob Canyons Visitor Center, Park Store
Zion Forever Project
3752 E Kolob Canyons Rd.
New Harmony, UT 84757

Cedar Breaks National Monument (6 months only: Memorial Day Weekend through Columbus Day Weekend)
Zion Forever Project, Park Store
4730 S Highway 148
Brian Head, UT 84719

And mugs are also available online here.

Pacific West

Lush greenery, expansive views of the ocean, snow-covered mountain caps, and towering trees. When driving through the Pacific West region, you’ll come across these staples of the area. Whether you’re hitting the hiking trails, watching the sunset on a beach, or taking in the history of the park, you may feel like you’re in another world. Believe us, this is a good thing.

Channel Islands National Park – California

What not to miss: Don’t miss (there’s so much!) the tidepool table in the Visitor Center, visiting one of the six islands that the Channel Island Fox calls home (each one is its own sub-species), and whale watching!
Where to buy mugs:
Visitor Center
1901 Spinnaker Dr.
Ventura, CA. 93001

Mugs are available online at Western National Parks Association Store.

Crater Lake National Park – Oregon

What not to miss: The view of Crater lake! This is what everyone comes out here for.
Where to buy mugs:
Crater Lake Lodge
565 Rim Drive
Klamath Falls, OR 97604

Crater Lake Visitors Center Bookstore
Steel Visitors Center
Rim Drive
Crater Lake, OR 97604

Mugs are available online here.

Death Valley National Park – California & Nevada

What not to miss: Badwater Basin — the lowest point in North America. Zabriskie Point, Stovepipe Wells Sand Dunes. If you have more time be sure to include Artist Palate, Badwater Basin,  Scotties Castle, Salt Creek (spring of 2020).
Where to buy mugs:
Furnace Creek Visitors Center
271 Highway 190
Death Valley, CA 92328

Mugs are available online here.

The Oasis at Death Valley
Death Valley National Park
Highway 190
Death Valley, CA 92328

Great Basin National Park – Nevada

What not to miss: Lehman, Caves Tour, Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive, Bristlecone and Pine Hike.
Where to buy mugs:
Lehman Caves Visitor Center
100 Great Basin National Park
Baker, NV 89311

Great Basin Visitor Center
357 N. Hwy 487
Baker, NV 89311

Mugs are availavle online through Western National Park Association.

Haleakala National Park – Hawaii

What not to miss: Catching the sunrise from any one of the great lookout spots.
Where to buy mugs: Coming soon…

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park – Hawaii

What not to miss: Mount Kilauea — an active volcano. This site is in a massive rebuilding stage and until it’s completion mugs are not available.
Where to buy mugs: Coming soon…

Joshua Tree – California

What not to miss: This is truly just an amazing playground full of amazing rock formations , cacti and of course, the Joshua Trees. Be prepared to be amazed and allow yourself extra time to explore all the wonder this park as to offer.
Where to buy mugs:
Joshua Tree Visitor Center
6554 Park Blvd
Joshua Tree, CA 92252

Cottonwood Visitor Center
Pinto Basin Rd
Twentynine Palms, CA 92277

Black Rock Nature Center
9800 Black Rock Rd
Yucca Valley, CA 92284

Oasis Visitor Center
74485 National Park Dr
Twentynine Palms, CA 92277

Coyote Corner
6535 Park Boulevard
Joshua Tree, CA 92252

Kings Canyon – California

What not to miss: The King’s Canyon Scenic Byway and the incredible, massive, towering Redwoods!
Shop In-Store:
If you are in Sequoia and Kings Canyon, stop by one of our Park Stores. They are located in the Visitor Centers throughout the Parks. In Sequoia: Foothills Visitor Center, Giant Forest Museum, Lodgepole Visitor Center, and the Mineral King Ranger Station. In Kings Canyon: Kings Canyon Visitor Center, and the Cedar Grove Visitor Center. Here’s a great link for more informaiton.

Mugs are available online here.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

What not to miss: The view from the top and a stay at the MT. Lassen KOA.
Where to buy mugs:
Longmire Gift Shop
396 Franciscan Trail
Redding, CA 96003

Both Entrances to the National Park and online here.

Mount Rainier National Park – Washington

What not to miss: Visit the Paradise area and the Jackson Visit Center.
Where to buy mugs:
Longmire Gift Shop
Hwy. 706 (10 mi east of Ashford)
Longmire, WA, 98397
GPS Coordinates: 46.749762,-121.81231

Henery M. Jackson Memorial Visitor Center at Paradise
Paradise Rd E
Ashford, WA 98304
GPS Coordinates: 46.7858749, -121.736722

Paradise Inn Gift Shop
98368 Paradise-Longmire Rd
Ashford, WA 98304

Sunrise Day Lodge
Sunrise Park Rd
Ashford, WA 98304

Olympic National Park – Washington

What not to miss: Ruby Beach – one of the most iconic beaches on the West Coast.
Where to buy mugs:
Lake Crescent Lodge
416 Lake Crescent Road
Olympic National Park, WA 98363

Log Cabin Resort
3183 East Beach Road
Port Angeles, WA 98363

Hurricane Ridge
3002 Mount Angeles Road
Port Angeles, WA 98362

Pinnacles National Park – California

What not to miss: High Peaks Trail is a hike that is highly recommended.
Where to buy mugs:
Pinnacles Visitor Center on the east side and the Visitor Contact Station on the west side.

And mugs are also available online through Western National Parks Association.

Redwood National and State Parks – California

What not to miss: Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway for unbelievable views of coast redwoods, the world’s tallest trees!
Where to buy mugs: Recently added February 7th, 2020 – we are proud to partner with the Redwood Parks Conservancy. You can find their online store here.

Hiouchi Visitor Center
1600 Highway 199,
Crescent City, CA 95531

Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park Visitor Center (open seasonally May – September)
1440 Highway 199
Crescent City, CA 95531

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park Visitor Center
127011 Newton B. Drury Scenic parkway
Orick, CA 95555

Thomas H. Kuchel Visitor Center
119441 Highway 101
Orick CA 95555

Patricks Point State Park Visitor Center
4150 Patrick’s Point Drive
Trinidad, CA 95570

Crescent City Information Center
1111 Second Street
Crescent City, CA 95531

Sequoia National Park – California

What not to miss:  General Sherman Tree – Worlds’ Largest Living Tree.
Where to buy mugs: Purchase them on the online Store here

Foothills Visitor Center
47050 Generals Highway
Ash Meadow
Sequoia National Park

Lodgepole Visitor Center
63100 Lodgepole Rd
Sequoia National Park, CA 93262

Yosemite National Park – California

What not to miss: Half Dome and El Capitan
Where to buy mugs: Mugs available from Yosemite Conservancy online here.

Valley Visitor Center
9035 Village Drive
YNP, CA  95389

Wawona Visitor Center at Hill’s Studio
8308 Wawona Road
Fishcamp, CA  93623

Big Oak Flat Information Center
Hwy. 120, North West Entrance
YNP, CA  95389

Tuolumne Meadows Visitor Center
Hwy. 120
YNP, CA  95389

Mariposa Grove Depot
9219 Wawona Rd.
Yosemite National Park, CA  95389


Full of enough untamed wilderness to satisfy the seasoned outdoors enthusiasts, as well as enough beginner-friendly trails and activities, the Alaska National Park system is rich with dense forests, snow-capped mountains, and tranquil lakes and rivers.

Whether you’re traveling by canoe or foot, you’ll find that diverse wildlife and beautiful landscapes no matter where you look.

Denali – Denali Park

What not to miss: Mt. Healy Overlook, Horseshoe Lake, and triple Lakes trails are some of the best hiking spots Denali has to offer
Where to Buy Mugs:
Denali Park Village
Mile Post 231 George Parks Highway

Denali Nat’l Park Wilderness Center
Mile 229.3 Parks Highway

Alaska Geographic
241 North C Street, Anchorage, AK 99501

Gates of the Arctic – Bettles

What not to miss: The epic views of the Brooks Range and the herds of caribou.
Where you can find mugs:
Alaska Geographic
750 West Second Avenue, Suite 100
Anchorage, AK 99501

Glacier Bay – Gustavus

What not to miss: Bartlett Cove Kayaking is a hidden gem at the park, but the entire area is can’t miss — no matter what you do, you won’t be disappointed!
Where you can find mugs:
Glacier Bay Lodge is located in Bartlett Cove, 10 miles by road from the small town of Gustavus. Glacier Bay Lodge was part of the NPS Mission 66 project.

Katmai – King Salmon

What not to miss: The peak of the salmon run in July when brown bears are feasting at Brooks Falls and the volcanic Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, a true star of Katmai National Park and the reason it was created.
Where you can find mugs:
58.5568° N, 155.7794° W

Kenai Fjords – Seward

What not to miss: The Kenai Fjords National Park Visitor Center has all new interactive exhibits which are perfect for learning more about the land you’re exploring.
Where you can find mugs:
Kenai Fjords National Park Visitor Center
1212 4th Avenue, Seward, AK 99664

Kobuk Valley – Kotzebue

What not to miss: The great Kobuk, Little Kobuk, and Hunter River Sand Dunes
Where you can find mugs:
The Northwest Arctic Heritage Center. Kobuk Valley National Park is open year around and the headquarters office and visitor center are located at the Northwest Arctic Heritage Center in the bush village of Kotzebue, Alaska.

Lake Clark – Port Alsworth

What not to miss: Canoe as many of the lakes as you can – the best way to explore the park
Where you can find mugs:
The Lake Clark Visitor Center in Port Alsworth.

Wrangell-S. Elias Copper Center

What not to miss: The Kennecott Mines
Where you can find mugs:
Wrangell St. Elias National Park/Preserve Visitor Center – Mile 106.8 Richardson Highway, Copper Center, AK 99573


Acadia National Park – Maine 

What not to miss: As a very car-friendly park, Acadia is very accessible for everyone — especially if you drive along the Park Loop Road. If you’re looking to hike, Cadillac Mountain is the place to be!
Where to Buy Mugs: Ask at the Visitor Center when Deneen Mugs will be available.

Shenandoah National Park – Virginia

What not to miss: Skyline Drive and the Appalachian Trail both run through the entire length of the park, with hiking trails that pass scenic overlooks of the Shenandoah River.
Where to Buy Mugs: Ask at the Visitor Center when Deneen Mugs will be available.


While the National Parks out west tend to get most of the attention from fans of the outdoors, the Midwest has some great options for those who don’t want to travel too far for some hiking, canoeing, and even star gazing. Isle Royale is one of the hidden gems of the entire park system and is one of the best places to canoe/kayak in the country. For those who love to be secluded from the outside world, Voyageurs National Park right here in Minnesota is one of the most difficult parks to get to (Aside from those in Alaska). But the effort is well worth it, where park-goers will come across lush forests and rivers teeming with wildlife. 

Badlands National Park – South Dakota 

What not to miss: The Badlands are a great venue for night sky observing.
Where to Buy Mugs: Starting late October 2019
Badlands Natural History Association
20695 SD Hwy 240
Interior, SD 57750

Ben Reifel Visitor Center, Cedar Pass
25216 SD Hwy 240
Interior, SD 57750

Cuyahoga Valley National Park – Ohio 

What not to miss: Take a long train ride through the most scenic parts of the national park.
Where to Buy Mugs: Ask at the Visitor Center when Deneen Mugs will be available.

Gateway Arch National Park – Missouri

What not to miss: Obviously the view from the top! Jefferson National Park Mugs
Where to buy mugs:
Gateway Arch National Park
11 North Fourth Street 
St. Louis, MO 63102

Mugs are also available online here.

Hot Springs National Park – Arkansas 

What not to miss: As the first national park in a city, spend your time in Hot Springs learning about the history of the area, as well as visiting the local shops and restaurants of this historic town. 
Where to Buy Mugs: Coming soon…

Indiana Dunes National Park – Indiana

What not to miss: Any number of the 50 miles worth of trails through the rugged dunes, mysterious wetlands, meandering rivers, and peaceful forests.
Where to Buy Mugs:
Indiana Rug Co.
220 East Mishawaka Avenue
Mishawaka, IN 46545

Also available online here.

Isle Royale National Park – Michigan

What not to miss: Isle Royale is one of the premier canoeing and kayaking destinations in the country. Make sure to bring one if you have it!
Where to Buy Mugs:
Isle Royale & Keweenaw Parks Association
800 E Lakeshore Drive
Houghton, MI 49931

Theodore Roosevelt National Park – North Dakota

What not to miss: Roosevelt’s historic cabin, as well as the numerous scenic drive and backcountry hiking opportunities.
Where to buy mugs:
South Unit Visitor Center
201 E. River Road N
Medora, ND 58645

North Unit Contact Station
208 Scenic Drive
Watford, ND 58854

Painted Canyon Visitor Center
I-94 at Exit 32
Belfield, ND 58622

Voyageurs National Park – Minnesota 

What not to miss: A visit to Kettle Falls Hotel. A boat tour is required to get there so plan ahead and include this in your trip.
Where to buy mugs:
Rainy Lake Visitor Center
1797 Township Road 342
Int’l Falls, MN 56649-8831

Ash River Visitor Center
9899 Meadwood Road
Orr, MN 55771-8072

Kabetogama Lake Visitor Center
9940 Cedar Lane
Kabetogama, MN 56669

Wind Cave National Park – South Dakota

What not to miss: Wind Cave has 95% of the world’s box work formation so make sure you experience it through a cave tour!
Where to buy mugs:
Wind Cave National Park Store
26611 US Hwy 385
Hot Springs, SD 57747

Jewel Cave National Monument Park Store
11149 US Hwy 16
Custer, SD 57730


The Southeast National Park system has plenty more to offer. For those who wish to snorkel, the Southeast Region is the place to be. But that’s not all there is to do here, as you’ll also discover historical forts, the worlds longest cave, and more in this part of the country. 

Biscayne National Park – Florida 

What not to miss: Scuba diving/snorkeling of course!
Where to Buy Mugs: Ask at the Visitor Center when Deneen Mugs will be available.

Dry Tortugas National Park – Florida 

What not to miss: Take a tour of Fort Jefferson, a Civil War-era fort that is the largest masonry structure in the Western Hemisphere.
Where to Buy Mugs: Ask at the Visitor Center when Deneen Mugs will be available.

Congaree National Park – South Carolina

What not to miss: A stroll through the Boardwalk Liip will allow you to walk through the swamp without getting dirty.
Where to Buy Mugs: Ask at the Visitor Center when Deneen Mugs will be available.

Everglades National Park – Florida 

What not to miss: Shark Valley is one of the highest rated attractions and you’re sure to spot some alligators there.
Where to Buy Mugs: Starting November 2020
Flamingo Visitor Center
1 Flamingo Lodge Highway
Homestead, FL 33034

Mammoth Cave National Park – Kentucky 

What not to miss: In addition to being the longest cave in the world with over 400+ miles, there are also 80 miles of above ground hiking trails to explore.
Where to Buy Mugs: Currently available in our online mug store:

Virgin Islands National Park – U.S. Virgin Islands

What not to miss: Snorkeling in the Virgin Islands is a can’t miss experience.
Where to Buy Mugs: Ask at the Visitor Center when Deneen Mugs will be available.

The Importance of Sustainability in Business

We love National Parks. They offer so much more than just picture-esque views. 

They also offer folks, young and old alike, to learn about this planet, as well as experience nature in the way it was meant to be: on its own and secluded from man-made objects and structures. 

Without the conservation efforts set forth by the National Park system, many of these lands and the animals that inhabit them would be gone, bulldozed over and replaced with houses. 

But even though we have these magnificent and protected lands, we are still far from perfect when it comes to coexisting with nature. 

That doesn’t mean we can’t improve though. 

Here at Deneen Pottery, we are passionate about making sure we run our business as eco-friendly as possible. That’s why our commitment when it comes to our operations is, “Leave It Better Than We Found It.” 

But we don’t greenwash. We actually back-up the talk. In 2017, we worked with All Energy Solar to bring 399 solar panels on top of our historic brick building, and all of our 15 kilns are electric. 

Incorporating more green energy into our operations was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We encourage other business, big and small, to continue to look for ways to conduct their operations in a sustainable, eco-friendly manner.