Production Schedule

For nearly 5 decades, we've created hand thrown mugs.

So your brand can connect with customers every morning in the place that matters most-the heart of the home.

Every company has a story, ours starts with our passion for the highest-quality pottery.

Each mug is individually hand-thrown and touched by over 24 pairs of hands.

Peter and Mary Deneen started Deneen Pottery in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 1972 in their two-car garage. Today, our team of over 50 skilled craftspeople handcraft each mug so no two are exactly alike.

We want you to make a lasting impression with your customers.

It’s important to us that each mug is a reflection of the brand you’ve built. We want your branded mug to be the one your customers reach for every morning. Which is why we spend time making each one.

All mugs are hand thrown in our solar-powered facility.

We’re committed to the well-being of the next generation, which is why we’ve invested in powering our facility with solar. After all, we want you to feel great about how (and where) your mugs are made.