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First blog about our Hand Made Stoneware Mugs

First blog about our Hand Made Stoneware Mugs

Glaze: Industry: (We work with many different industries)

My family has been working on integrating technology into the centuries old craft of wheel throwing since 1972. Today is the first day that we are falling into the 21st century by beginning a blog!

We plan on announcing and reporting on our upcoming conferences, making note of the new customers that we meet and what colors and style mugs that are chosen. We will have a weekly or month kiln report which will show the different hand made stoneware items that are coming through production.

Flatware: Key fobs, bud and mini bud vases, magnets, ornaments, coasters and do-not-disturb signs.

Tableware: Soup mugs and soup crocks, wine and champange coolers, small and medium crocks, latté mugs, and eco-friendly reusable menu boards.

Tankards: Tankards ranging in size from 16-20 ounces, hand thrown travel mugs, no smoking signs and wine and champagne coolers.

We have an almost inexhaustible range of glaze colors and finishes. A virtual rainbow of options that allow you to ‘feel like a kid in a candy store’ as you narrow your selection for each order. Many returning customers bring in a new color with each order to inspire their guests or customers to begin collecting our hand made stoneware. In fact in a recent conversation with an innkeeping customer, Lyn Guidry the of Maison D’ Memoire in Rayne, LA  said, “[Niles] suggested that I try two colors on my last order, and what a good idea that was! Now instead of just buying one [handmade stoneware] mug SO many of my guests buy 2, one of each color! What an excellent idea!”

Lastly this blog will begin to build a collection of stories and testimonials about our mugs from our customers… Be they Innkeepers, College Bookstore managers, Dude Ranchers, Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Contractors, Business Owners, Office Managers, Restauranteurs, Hedge Fund Managers, Auto Dealerships, or just friends of our family business. When we stop and think about all the people and places that we have made custom mugs for over the last 30+ years it’s no surprise that you can even find Hand Made pieces by Deneen Pottery on Ebay!

Thank you for reading our blog, we look forward to sharing more about our family business as time permits!

Niles Deneen

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