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Farmhouse Inn

“Our mugs tell a story about our property and are very popular with our guests as they enjoy using them in their rooms and in our restaurant. They are sturdy and hold up to restaurant service so breakage is minimal.”

Thomas Schwarting – Hotel Manager

Farmhouse Inn

Elkhorn Ranch

“I just added up our little guest ranch store sales for last season. Deneen mugs were by far the top selling item in our guest ranch store accounting for 10 percent of our sales! Mug sales outnumbered all clothing, books, kids toys — all of it. Our #1 best selling item!”
Mary Miller
Elkhorn Ranch

marketing for your restaurant with custom mugs
...well crafted work of art!

National Park Collection

We purchased our first mug (2016 NPS Centennial) at Pinnacles NP in March of this year and were hooked. The things that drew us to the mug originally and the others we purchased during our National Parks camping vacation this summer were the shapes, glazing, base swirls with the “hand thrown” stamp, and the informational tag inside the mug describing your hand crafted process, made here in USA. We hope to find a few more when our travels allow! Thank you for making such a beautiful and well crafted work of art that doubles as a useful coffee mug lol!
Tim F.

...rock start in the mug collecting world

Zion Natural History Association

“This is crazy – I’ve never seen mugs fly off the shelves this way. We have been completely sold out of our black mug for a week now and are down to a few remaining coral mugs. You and your team have become rock stars in the mug collecting world.”
Jill Burt – Director of Operations and Development
Zion National Park

Seriously, these mugs are beautiful


“I just got back in town from the long holiday weekend and I was greeted by the beautiful mugs! I’m so grateful. These turned out even better than I expected! You guys did an amazing job with these mugs. Thank you SO much! I plan to do a big reveal for our group tomorrow afternoon. It’s absolutely killing me that I can’t do it today! Seriously, these mugs are beautiful. I really hope that we get to do more business together in the future. Your craftsmanship is impeccable.”
Baback Moussavi – Senior UI Artist

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it brings a smile to my face...

Kenai Fjords Trip

I want you to know that every time I take the Kenai Fjords mug off the shelf for our morning coffee (as I did this morning), it brings a smile to my face, both for the memories of our Alaska trip that it evokes, and for your generosity. I think we’ve told the story of the mug at least 20 times! And, of course, that joy is infectious – spreading to the other Deneen mugs we have from other trips we’ve taken. Thanks again!
Peter Friedrichs

I smile each time I lay eyes on it...

Delicate Arch Bucket List

I recently completed an item on my bucket list and that was to hike out to Delicate Arch in Arches National Park. I was all set to do this two years ago, but the federal government closed down all the National Parks the night before I was going to try it. At any rate, I completed the hike 2 weeks ago on a return trip to the park and was thrilled with the experience. I headed to the Arches Gift Shop looking for something special to mark the event for me. I purchased one of your mugs with the Delicate Arch emblem. It is really a work of art and I treasure it. I was delighted to see it is made in America as well. I smile each time I lay eyes on it, so I thought you’d like to know! I already decided that if some accident befalls my mug, I’ll replace it immediately! I looked at lots of possibilities in the gift shop, but I knew at once that your beautiful mug was IT! It’s just so nice to find a quality product and I thought the artisans would enjoy hearing how much I appreciate their creation. Thank you!
Julie Pickup

Great Lakes Candy Kitchen

“Everyone loves the mugs!!! They are so beautiful. They are supremely the best I could of ever imagined!!! LOVE THEM!! Thanks so much to you and your entire crew!!”
Pamela Matson
Great Lakes Candy Kitchen

The Norg is a sight to behold!

Hell’s Backbone Grill

“They are soooo awesome! Everyone on the staff is buying one. 🙂 Thanks for your great work!”
Jen Castle – Chef/Owner
Hell’s Backbone Grill & Farm

Marketing your Restaurant with Custom Made Coffee Mugs
The detail on the logo is beautiful!

Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation

“We received the mugs the other day and they look excellent! The detail on the logo is beautiful! Please thank everyone who had a hand in making these. You all do a wonderful job and I look forward to working with you again soon.”
Lorissa Hooper – Service Team Coordinator & Analyst
Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation

The beauty of their work is just outstanding.

University of Minnesota

“I have to say that Deneen Pottery is just incredible to work with – great customer service and straight forward ordering with on time deliveries. The ‘Handmade in the USA’ is a great selling feature and the ability to do small batches of 24 with custom art for specific departments definitely make Deneen Pottery a wonderful partner. The craftsmanship and beauty of their work is just outstanding. We also enjoy sharing the story of their legacy as they are a second generation family business that was started right here in Minnesota over 40 years ago.”
Robin Hagerty
University of Minnesota

Minnesota Flare Mug
We are so in love.

Sweatpants & Coffee

“I cannot say enough about our mugs! We are so in love. They are so beautiful Niles there just are not enough words. Holding it in my hands is like it was made to be there. I just cannot say enough.”
Jessica Hancock
Sweatpants & Coffee

Thank you so much for your expert recommendation!

Admiral’s Landing

“…we just got our new colors and Tall Bellies in a few days ago. Within 36 hours, we sold one of the new colors (coral with sand) and then a day later our first Tall Belly and our season hasn’t even started yet!! Thank you so much for your expert recommendation! You are always spot on with your suggestions.
We are so grateful. Thank you, thank you!!!!”
Audri and Robyn – Owners & Innkeepers
Admiral’s Landing

We will definitely be ordering again!

Off the Map Tattoo

“After nearly 10 years in business, sometimes we are left scratching our heads for new creative marketing materials and merchandise that really “wow” our clientele. When I first saw a shot of a Deneen Mug, (via my obstacle course group the New England Spahtens), I knew it was the eye catching item we had been searching for. The response after my initial email through the website was so prompt, and the service was so wonderful! We had the ball rolling on our order of mugs and key fobs within 24 hours. Everything was impeccable from the design process, to the easy ordering, and most importantly the day we all anxiously awaited- when the mugs arrived! They were more beautifully crafted then we could have imagined, and we can’t wait to share them with our customers – if any are left after the staff gets them that is! We will definitely be ordering again!”
Mary Bowen – General Manager
Off the Map Tattoo

We are so pleased.

Scott Station Inn

“Just wanted to show off our new mugs! We are so pleased with them!! Thanks for producing such high-quality and beautiful handmade mugs – our guests are sure to love them!”
Bo and Sarah Quigg – Owners & Innkeepers
Scott Station Inn

handmade mug - kentuckey B&B - Deneen Pottery
...high quality of craftsmanship!

Scott Station Inn

Our Deneen Pottery coasters are the perfect compliment to our popular mugs! We are thrilled with the detail and the high quality of craftsmanship in ALL of Deneen Pottery’s products! We love them, and our guests love them too!! Thanks, Niles and Team Deneen for being the best of the best!
Bo and Sarah Quigg – Owners & Innkeepers
Scott Station Inn

Deneen’s customer service and the quality of their mugs are incomparable.

Bose Corporation

“We recently purchased coffee mugs from Deneen Pottery as holiday gifts for our coworkers. They were a HUGE hit! Deneen’s customer service and the quality of their mugs are incomparable. Thanks again Deneen and I look forward to working with you again!”
Peter Olbrys – Senior Equipment Control Technician
Bose Corporation

Bose Corporation - Mug Party
An absolute hit!

Great Smoky Mountains NP

“Our mugs were an absolute hit this year at Great Smoky Mountain National Park! From the beautiful, crisp detail of the artwork to the quality craftsmanship, the mugs were difficult to keep in stock! We love being able to tell the story of a second-generation family business that creates its mugs on a potter’s wheel! We look forward to working with Deneen Pottery again next year and can’t wait to collaborate on our second edition FALL mug!”
Dawn Roark – Product Support Director
Great Smoky Mountains Association

Great Smoky Mountain NP - Camper Mug - Hunter w/Blue White
Phenomenal visitor response!

Canyonlands National Park

“I met Niles Deneen in 2013 at a trade show for national park gift stores in Portland Oregon. A friend of mine who buys for 63 national parks introduced us because he couldn’t believe I wasn’t doing business with Deneen Pottery. I loved the samples Niles showed me and was impressed with the detail and various styles of art work and the multitude of colors and glazes. I brought in Deneen Pottery mugs for four national park units in southeast Utah at the beginning of 2014 and couldn’t keep them in stock. After running out of several designs on multiple occasions, I began ordering mugs by the pallet. The visitor response to these mugs has been phenomenal. Thank you Niles for putting out such a quality product that is handmade in America.”
Sam Wainer – Operations Manager
Canyonlands Natural History Association

Delicate Arch - Canyonlands - Utah
American craftsmanship alive and well.


“I was introduced to Deneen mugs by a partner of ours at ORCA Coolers who gave me one of their logo mugs. As a java-holic I used it daily. As a trainer who works for a company that prides itself on quality and craftsmanship I could tell right away what a great quality handmade mug it was. I reached out to have some made for special gifts at our corporate headquarters. It was so well received and people were so impressed we decided to add them to our online store! Thanks Niles for making such a great quality product and keeping American craftsmanship alive and well.”
Chad Winters

Husqvarna Mug
they sold like hot cakes

New England Spahtens

Having seen another Deneen mug, I fell in love with their quality and uniqueness, and we worked with Deneen to come up with an amazing design, mug style and colors, and we tentatively placed an order for 50 mugs.

Just one week after putting them on sale, I’ve only got 10 left – they sold like hot cakes, and people LOVE their mugs! They’ve been a huge hit, and we plan on doing an annual run of them!

Paul Jones – Ideas Wrangler
Obstacle Course Racing Team
New England Spahtens

Ramsey Mug - handmade - New England Spahtens
...blown away by the beauty

J’s Pastry Shop

“The first box arrived yesterday, and my wife, who opened it up at our house, was blown away by the beauty of all four colors. I had seen photos of the red and green, but even I was surprised at how gorgeous the final product turned out. To see our J’s Pastry Shop sign emblazoned on these mugs made us feel very good about our decision to offer these to our customers. They will love them and snap them up!”
Bruch McDonald
J’s Pastry Shop

J's Pastry Shop
Thank you all for your help, the fast order and amazing work!!!

The Copper Fox

“We are over the moon about the mugs. They look fantastic and we are so very excited to have them here [just in time for the holiday season]. Thank you all for your help, the fast order and amazing work!!!”
Kimberly Rohwer
The Copper Fox

Copper Fox
To say (our logo mugs) are quite awesome would be an understatement.

Brad Eisenberg

“To say [our logo mugs] are quite awesome would be an understatement. Fantastic job, Thank you. When we start running low, you will definitely hear back from us! I will certainly refer others as well. Thanks for the great work.”
Palenque Coffee House – Ripon, WI

Palenque Coffee House