Production Schedule

Our custom ceramic tableware collection has evolved over the years in tandem with our inn-keeping and restaurant customers.

These custom pottery tableware items include hand-thrown Crocks, Bud Vases, and Pitchers, to name a few. They are designed to be used and you can even bake with them. We fire our stoneware up to 2150º in our glaze kiln, so don’t worry about your oven or microwave temperatures, they will be just fine! Ceramic tableware items are available in any glaze color.

Shot Glass

This large ceramic shot glass works great for espresso or displayed on the counter as a toothpick holder!

Glaze: Kiwi (solid)
Capacity: 2 oz.
Minimum order: 48 pieces
Additional Setup of $50.00

Petite Tumbler

At just over 3.25" tall, the Petite Tumbler is perfect for kids and kids at heart! These little pottery cups pair perfectly with apple juice, crayons, and whimsical artwork.

Glaze: Lilac (solid)
Capacity: 6+ oz.
Minimum order: 48 pieces
Additional Setup of $50.00

Small Soup Crock

This hand thrown pottery Small Soup Crock is a favorite at Egg Harbor Cafe. They love using it for their daily cup of soup since it really is the perfect size to accompany a half sandwich.

Glaze: Kiwi w/Blue White (marble)
Capacity: 10 oz.
Minimum order: 24 pieces
Additional Setup of $50.00

Medium Soup Crock

The medium size pottery Soup Crock is a great piece for starting the day with a nice hot bowl of oatmeal! Better yet, fill it with ice cream for an after dinner treat!

Glaze: Sage (solid)
Capacity: 12 oz.
Minimum order: 18 pieces

Large Soup Crock

For a dash of variety, our National Park partners added the custom pottery Large Soup Crock to their product mix. They also love the manageable minimum order requirements for these tableware products.

Glaze: Heritage Blue (solid)
Capacity: 14 oz.
Minimum order: 18 pieces

Double Shot

When one shot of espresso just doesn't cut it. These ceramic cuties are sure to bring a smile to everyone's face.

Glaze: Sky Blue (solid)
Capacity: 6 oz.
Minimum order: 24 pieces
Additional Setup of $50.00

Soup Mug

When you need to get a handle on on your meal our ceramic Soup Mug is just the item. It's similar to the Medium Soup Crock, but it has a mug handle - it's hand thrown shape makes it very easy to carry.

Glaze: Red w/Sand White (marble)
Capacity: 12 oz.
Minimum order: 18 pieces

Medium Creamer

Whether you're serving up hot syrup or coffee creamer, this little stoneware pitcher is just fun to handle. You could use it as a bud vase too!

Glaze: Chocolate (solid)
Capacity: 4+ oz.
Minimum order: 24 pieces

Bud Vase

Small table tops and intimate breakfasts are where our hand thrown stoneware Bud Vase really shines. It's just the right size for a small bouquet and works with the same artwork as your mugs.

Glaze: Red (solid)
Minimum order: 24 pieces