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Our handmade pottery tankards are perfect for mug clubs, microbreweries, brew pubs or military units.

While every custom mug is almost identical, each drink ware piece is individually created on a potter’s wheel by a master potter. No two mugs are exactly alike! With our Trademarked Glaze Engrave™ process these stunning, hand-thrown forms can be truly customized for your needs. Pottery tankards are available in any glaze color.

German Tankard

This amazing country club, located in Pennsylvania, is rich with culture and history. They selected one of our smaller pottery tankards, the German Tankard, for their members. We are proud to partner with them and look forward to many successful years of collaborating!

Glaze: Black w/Hunter White (marble)
Capacity: 15-16 oz
Minimum order: 54 pieces

Norg Tankard

When C.F. Martin, 5th generation guitar makers based in PA, contacted us regarding their 'Martin Owners Club,' we had a feeling our Norg Tankard would probably be a popular item for them. Little did we know just how much this tankard style mug would be a perfect fit for them and their rocking' customers!

Glaze: Fieldstone (solid)
Capacity: 16-18 oz
Minimum order: 54 pieces

Straight Tankard

Baltusrol Golf Club, in New Jersey, is synonymous with championship golf. Handmade pieces, such as Straight Tankard mugs by Deneen Pottery, are just another way for the staff and patrons at this golf club to celebrate its tradition and sportsmanship!

Glaze: Hunter (solid)
Capacity: 16-18 oz
Minimum order: 54 pieces

Round Tankard

We in the office think that custom tankards are great for beer! The Round Tankard mug is especially good for enjoying a frosty locally-made Summit EPA on a hot Friday afternoon.

Glaze: Black w/Lilac White (marble)
Capacity: 16-18 oz
Minimum order: 54 pieces

Endicott Tankard

Able to hold 22 oz, the Endicott Tankard was perfect for our friends at Sturgis Coffee Company in South Dakota. Freezer safe, this tankard also works great for your favorite cold brews!

Glaze: Peacock w/Blue White (marble)
Capacity: 20-22 oz
Minimum order: 54 pieces

Nokomis Tankard

If you haven't heard, we have a lot of lakes here in Minnesota where Deneen Pottery is based. The Nokomis Tankard takes its name from one of our lakes right here in the Twin Cities, and fittingly this tankard can hold a whole lot of water (or whatever your beverage of choice is!).

Glaze: Black w/Kiwi White (marble)
Capacity: 22 oz
Minimum order: 54 pieces