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American made mugs

American made mugs

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Lately there has been much talk about how so many of our national parks and museum stores do not have gifts that are made in the USA. Diane Sawyer from ABC news has a summer series entitled ‘Made in America’ which highlights this issue. From ABC news, “in the global trade battle, you cast a vote every time you open your wallet. The decision? Whether you spend your money on products made in America or overseas.” A big shift has taken place, in 1960 Americans only purchased 8% of foreign goods, compared with 60% today.

Since we are one of the few manufacturers still producing 100% American Made Mugs we stand behind this and also pledge to vote with our wallets. Through innovation, pride, and passion we strive to produce the best stoneware mugs that we can everyday! Here is our latest and greatest new mug style called the Patriot – Aptly named for the approaching celebration of Independence Day.

We are a family business that has been hand making stoneware pieces since 1972. Since the beginning our goal has remained simple, provide the best stoneware to our clients. Every piece that we produce is made at our factory in St. Paul, MN and all of our mugs are 100% American Made!

Thanks for taking time to read this small blog, and we hope that you will vote with your wallets this summer especially when it come time to purchase your next mug. Always look on the bottom – Our name is stamped along with the year that the piece was created.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!
Niles Deneen
VP, Marketing
Deneen Pottery

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