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Innkeeping Conference and Trade Show – Paii

Innkeeping Conference and Trade Show – Paii

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Not sure where you were from the March 30th – April 2nd…

My family (mom, dad, aunt and wifey) spent 4 days in Atlanta talking about our custom handmade stoneware mugs with some of the best innkeeping professionals in the country. We’ve been working with the Professional Association of Innkeepers International (paii), the sponsors of the conference, for over 26 years! There is a very interesting story here that is on it’s way…

For Deneen Pottery the event is a sort of family reunion with established and new customers that all find (or will find) success serving and selling the handmade custom mugs that we make. Below Julie Rolsen from the Garth Woodside Mansion, a dancing diva and highest seller of our Deneen Pottery Mugs!

Julie Rolsen with Annie and Mary Deneen

Julie Rolsen with Annie and Mary Deneen

About the conference… The event allows the attendees to share time with the other professionals in the Innkeeping Industry – This is one that every innkeeper should attend. While it takes some figuring to calculate your exact ROI (return on investment) for the ideas that you learn the camaraderie and conversations that happen between the educational sessions are INVALUABLE… The surge of energy and creation of ‘flow’ that happens when you spend time with others that are doing what you do creates an environment of positivity that recharges your soul.

While you can accomplish many tasks in your day at home, spending a few hours on the Trade Show Floor listening, looking, touching and comparing the services and products is such a time saving experience… Especially when you are in our booth! Holding the different Styles of Signature Mugs and choosing the best Glaze Colors can only be done with REAL handmade mugs in your hand. Pictured below are Ray and Kristie Rosset from Lookout Point Lakeside Inn with my dad, Peter Deneen, selecting their new colors for their mug order.

Kristie and Ray Rosset with Peter (the boss) DeneenKristie and Ray Rosset with Peter (the boss) Deneen

The President of Paii – Jay Karen has taken the reins of the organization and is moving towardTo amuse ourselves and to keep traffic moving through the isles, tables of sweets are provided… With some special help by Lewis Sternthal, from InnStyle, a sponsored table was placed in our row on the final day of the show. When picking the right handmade mug, of the right thread count and quality of linen snacks make it easier!

Sternthal's Treats TableLewis Sternthal’s Treats Table

Next years show is going to be held in Austin, Texas… Hope to see YOU there!

Niles Deneen, Jay Karen and Jeff Logan[/caption]

* One last note… If you ever wonder what ‘vendors’ do when there isn’t any taffic:

Martha and Annie relaxing as Mary looks aheadMartha and Annie relaxing as Mary looks ahead

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