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Tale of Tankards for the Porterhouse

Tale of Tankards for the Porterhouse

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In January of 2008 Gabe from the Porterhouse Brewpub and Restaurant emailed in a catalog request as he was looking for a durable, USA made tankard for the Mug Club.

Located in Lahaska, Pennsylvania

After some conversations between our president, Peter Deneen, and Gabe we got the green light to produce a first order and by March. Gabe was really excited to have  the tankards in hand and emailed me a few weeks into production, “just wanted to send a follow-up regarding the order.  Any estimates of when we might see them?”

I just happened that Gabe’s order was on the kiln that had opened up that morning… With my camera in hand I snapped a couple of pictures and emailed them back saying that the order would ship out in the next few days. The tag line that year was “24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Hmm?”

Round Tankards – Lt. Dijon w/ Cinnamon White Glaze

Gabe wrote back with a glowing testimonial that I haven’t published until now, “I gotta tell you, I am very impressed [Deneen Pottery].  To include photos of our mugs blows me away and lets me know that I made the right choice with you.  They look amazing!!! I look forward to receiving the mugs.  Thanks again!”

Since that first order in 2008 Gabe has returned to us in 2009, and again in 2010.

This year, however, he put us to the test by waiting until March 1st to give us his new slogan. Part of what makes the Porterhouse’s Mug Club so special is that each year a new mug is rolled out with a new saying. In 2009 they went with “Life’s not all Beer and Skittles,” and for 2010? Well, for the 2010 slogan you’ll have to visit their website or have a meal with them in Lahaska.

Getting back to this year’s order… With a delay in receiving the art, and a shortened production schedule, when we were able to get a partial order out Gabe was even more impressed with us and wrote an email to us over the weekend. “Just a quick note to let you know that the mugs look incredible!!!  I am so happy that I found your company.  You helped me out with a late order and delivered!!!  Once again, you have exceeded my expectations!  Thank you so much for everything!”

Because our tankards are handthrown and high fired to 2040ºF they are tough enough to bang around in a brewpub… Did I mention that they are also lead and cadmium free, dishwasher, microwave, freezer and oven safe as well??? Getting to work with more Breweries or Pubs like the Porterhouse would be fantastic. If any such establishments find this blog and are interested in seeing a sample give us a call and we’ll send one out 888-646-0238. We’ll stand behind our work, and help you in anyway that we can!

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Niles Deneen

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