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Warming Hearts – Big Snow!!!

Warming Hearts – Big Snow!!!

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WOW did we get some snow over the weekend… The Metrodome collapsed, cars were buried, plows and snow removal crews worked overtime clearing roads and sidewalks… This is a picture just outside our back door here at the pottery.

The next thing that we Minnesotans cope well with, besides snow, is COLD temperatures… And it is now SUPER COLD with wind chills at -35ºF! There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing! But once you come in from the cold and take off all the layers it’s nice to grab a hot handmade mug of coffee or hot chocolate. I prefer coffee, and the best thing that I’ve found to keep that coffee hot is to warm up my mug.

In an article that ran in Innkeeping Quarterly, the PAII journal for innkeepers, summer edition written by Heath Croft, there was mention of a warming tray. Julie Rolsen, of the Garth Mansion, has been using one of these for years to keep her mugs warm for guests first cup of coffee. I searched high and low and found the Waring Pro WT90B, available on Amazon for just $59.99 (free shipping), and I have it plugged in here at Deneen Pottery. After taking the picture on the mountain of snow I came and grabbed a hot mug from the tray and am now sipping my hot coffee.

The Garth Mansion sells about 800 mugs a year, every year, and keeping them warm is just one of the ideas… The other idea is to offer MANY different colors. Over the 10 years that we’ve been making custom handmade mugs for Julie, she has ordered just about every color that we make. When returning guests see a color that they haven’t seen before they are compelled to grow their mug collections. We couldn’t be happier about these idea, or working with Julie.

To read the full article you can download it from our Order Form Download page on our site (here).

Hope you all are staying warm, and remembering to enjoy your coffee in a Deneen Pottery mug!

Thanks for reading our blog.

Niles Deneen, VP Marketing

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