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Olive – The shop dog

Olive – The shop dog

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This entry isn’t really about our custom handmade mugs, instead it is on our mascot Olive. In May of last year my wife Annie gave me a long awaited Christmas present in the form of a Mini-GoldenDoodle who we named Olive. She arrived weighing just over 3 pounds but took up a lot of space in our hearts!

The breeders wrote our name on her belly.

Since Olive was about 5 months old she has been coming to work with me and has made friends with everyone that works here at Deneen Pottery! Her favorite thing to do is to jump into Julie’s lap first thing in the morning greeting her with kisses.

Good Morning Olive!

Yesterday Laura, one of our potters, was having a difficult time with the clay that she was using to throw pilsners… Olive and I decided to pop in and see if we could help.

What seems to be the problem?

After a bit of coaching Olive sat beside Laura’s wheel to watch how the next piece was thrown…

You can do it!

As usual Olive was able to bring a smile and lighten the mood… It’s amazing how well she can ease tensions and make the small things go a little bit easier! Olive then decided she should check on Jon to see how he was coming along with his custom mugs.

Flare mugs looking good!

For an early afternoon tour of the throwing area Olive was quite tuckered out… Keeping an eye on everyone can be a lot of work!

Time for a nap!

So goes the life of being a shop dog…

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