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Mug Appreciation from Louisiana

Mug Appreciation from Louisiana

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This was an email that we received  a while back that should have been added here more recently! After returning from the Innkeeping Conference and Trade Show I am energized and empowered to do that little bit extra – Like posting on our blog! The answer to the question that Pamela has is YES… We can make an order of mugs without medallions. The cost is $15.00 each for a single style in one color for one address.

Hi ,my name is Pamela Matherne. I am from Houma , Louisiana. My husband and I were passing through Wagonwheel Gap , CO. and stayed at the Blue Creek Lodge. I was looking for a gift to bring home to my sister and I bought her one of your handmade mugs. She says it’s the one she always wants to use because it keeps her coffee warm longer.

I thought it would be wonderful to own my own , in fact I thought it would be nice to get one for my husband and my 2 sons also. So what Im wondering is if I could order 4 mugs from you. It doesn’t have to have a logo. Hot tea and coffee sounds great in your mugs !!! Please let me know . Thank you…….Pamela

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