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Mill City Museum – Handmade Mug Delivery

Mill City Museum – Handmade Mug Delivery

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I love being able to deliver our custom handmade mugs to our customers, and I especially love delivering to the Mill City Museum! Last time Eloise was just 1 year old and wasn’t much help, but this time she pitched in and helped carry one of the boxes – albeit only long enough for me to take this picture. “Daddy this is HEEEEEAVY.”


Once inside Eloise wanted to look in the box just to make sure the mugs were there. Yep, we found our newest style – the Ramsey Mug 16 oz. (Powder Blue w/Blue white) in perfect shape and it even had a Pearson’s Nut Roll in there – How did that get in there?!?!


After handing off the beautifully crafted handmade mugs to Serenity she gave us passes for the Museum and the Flour Tower!!! We hurried downstairs so that we could play in the exhibit – Weezie especially likes the water installations. It’s amazing to think that the whole mill was powered by the PPI river (it’s what we call the Mississippi).


Theo got into the action as well but isn’t tall enough to see what Weezie was playing with. Instead he found a space to walk through – and he just kept on going!


Once we finished the ride to the top of the Flour Tower I had the family pose for a quick picture – Theo was the only one that wanted to smile back at dad as the view is amazing!


It’s crazy to look down at the Stone Arch bridge and to remember asking Annie if she would marry me on a warm summer night in 1998. What a ride it has been!


Here’s the last picture from our fun mug delivery… after we got in the car and headed back to the pottery Weezie said, “I want to go to another museum tomorrow.” Me too!

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