A new mug style is here - The Ramsey | Deneen Pottery

A new mug style is here – The Ramsey

A new mug style is here – The Ramsey

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Today we proudly introduce our latest, hand-thrown custom mug style – The Ramsey 16 oz.

Deneen - Moss054

This newest addition to our Signature Mugs™ line-up was created by one of our potters Jon Conrad and is named after the county in which we produce all of our beautiful handmade stoneware. The Ramsey is the same height as our Abby mug style – with a wide base that’s perfect for a pint. The undulating repetitive ridges on the contour and a wide handle make this mug not only handsome to look at, but awesome to drink from!


Like all of our Signature Mugs™, the Ramsey is available in any of our glaze colors! We look forward to adding this striking style to your next order and can’t wait to hear how it goes over. Remember you can store all of our drinkware in the freezer and pour your beverage of choice right inside!


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