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Military Mugs – By Deneen Pottery

Military Mugs – By Deneen Pottery

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Only our best for our Nations best!

We love working with military units – and given the chance we will create a the finest handmade mugs in this country. For some clients, like the Patriot Shop in Tennessee, we have produced designs for each branch of service so that they can retail individual mugs through their website.

We have more fun when we are given a challenge… For Camp Lejune we combined the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor along with the famous tree from the entrance of the base for a custom design that looks like this:

Camp Lujune – Footed Mug in Gloss w/Black Fill

The Spartans, 2nd Special Troop Battalion that were stationed in Iraq we integrated the country outline, their insignia, and their name for a mug that was given out at their Battalion Ball in February of this year. The Battalion Ball mug was a hit and many were pleased to see our ‘Made in the USA’ stamp on the bottom of each mug.

Spartans – Jr. Exec Mug in Teal

Just a few weeks ago we created a mug for the TSgt Joshua Trotter who is stationed at the Geilen Kirchen Military Base in Germany… Joshua ran across a mug that we had made for the Hill Airforce Base in Colorado and wanted a custom design for his outfit. We scrambled and put a RUSH on the order so that mugs would arrive in June. We pulled it off and heard back from Joshua.

“Thanks Niles for all the efforts of you and your family.  The event did go well and people are really impressed with the mugs.  I think the next place I go I will change up the color and possibly the design, because one can only have so many blue mugs.” Till next time. Josh

Chaplin Corps mug – Barrel Mug in Midnight

As I type this we have another Military Mug project in the works for the 196th Infantry Brigade stationed in Hawaii. We have taken the insignia and the patch and have woven both pieces into a design that is just about to be approved. Once approved we’ll aim to produce the finest mug for the brave men and women that are protecting our country.

If you have any questions about starting a design, costs, or anything else just send an email to and I will get right back to you!

Thanks for reading our blog – Have a great Independence Weekend!

Niles Deneen

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