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Handmade Mugs Exceeding Expectations

Handmade Mugs Exceeding Expectations

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Estes Park, CO – Owned and operated Lois H. Smith – Stoneware by Deneen Pottery

We are now in our second year of working with the Baldpate Inn and we are just into the heart of the busy season. Thing are going well… Really well actually:

“HELP!  The mugs are flying off the shelves!  We can barely use them in the restaurant we have sold so many!!!   Can we get another order ASAP?  I think you have already sent all I had on my January Pack & Ship order.”

“I guess I should have realized these would sell so great, but just didn’t anticipate the demand” wrote Lois in a second email after her next order of 350 handmade custom mugs was approved.

Handmade Stoneware by Deneen Pottery – In service at Baldpate

What can you do except make more and get it out as quick as we can! Finding the perfect place, and the perfect season, and then the right people is how we are growing our family business. When more and more products are made outside of our country, with fossil fuels burned to get them here, we feel like we are doing our small part to make the world a better place.

The Original Master Potter at work, Peter Deneen

Glazing the plates, one-by-one, is the founder, president, Peter Deneen… The gizmo that he is using is a pending a patent, and is affectionelly called the Glaze-A Whirl. It is just one of the many machines, and processes that we invented in our pursuit to create the finest handmade stoneware.

Creating functional, durable, American Made Stoneware is what we do – It’s who we are as a family!

If you have any questions just give us a call, or send an email using the ‘Contact Us’ button on the left.

Thank for reading our blog –

Niles Deneen VP, Marketing – Deneen Pottery

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