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Handmade Mugs and Bread!

Handmade Mugs and Bread!

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What a fun week it has been… We have a new Deneen in the family, Eloise Elaine Frohreich Deneen was born on 1/29 at 3:08pm and now Annie and I are proud parents!!! Being around the creation of so many handmade mugs is amazing, but being at the birth of your first baby girl is just INCREDIBLE!!!

Olive ‘the shop dog’ is doing a great job of being an older sister and we are all just staying warm these cold winter days. The only thing that we are missing is the bread that Annie used to bring home from Rustica, where she was a pastry chef. Now we have a loaf of wheat bread from the grocery store… And it just doesn’t touch the quality that we are used to!

And just today we are getting a new order of mugs in for another outstanding bakery that also makes everything from scratch – Earthly Kneads, located in Muskegon, MI. I’ve been working with Gail and today marks the official start of production. I’ve got to try their bread sometime, but for now I’m heading home to see my baby!

Here is the artwork that is going on the mugs and pitchers that we are making for Gail:

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