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Fun Out West with the DRA

Fun Out West with the DRA

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What a fun treat to have find that Deneen Pottery made the front page of the local news for the Billings Gazette! It’s all about the timing and I was lucky enough to get in just as the staff photographer was grabbing shots of the setup at the Plaza. I believe there was more of a story with some of the other vendors, but I guess when you have handmade mugs that look this good, who needs a story? Just Kidding.

In all honesty this was a successful show and we met up with some new ranches that were excited about finding mugs that are handmade in the USA. One friend rancher actually said to me, “I really like your mugs, they are so much nicer than most of the crap that have, and our guests do buy them.” When I jotted that note down the rancher, who will remain nameless, said it would be ok if I used his words – Thanks Barry.

Looking forward to getting all the artwork and orders finalized over the next week!

A big thank you to the DRA for hosting another fantastic show!

Thanks for reading our blog ~ Niles Deneen

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