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Death Wish Coffee – Big Game!!!

Death Wish Coffee – Big Game!!!

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Death Wish Coffee mugs are in the works AGAIN!!! What an amazing ride it has been since we started with their original order of 2000 Camper Mugs in Black w/Red (pictured below).

Deneen styles camper 3340

It is just UNREAL to think that tomorrow, during the third quarter of the Big Game, the world will be introduced to the World’s Strongest Coffee! We are esteemed partners and big fans of Death Wish but we are only authorized to make their mugs (and drink their coffee) TO buy one of these you’ll need to go directly to their site.

Big thanks to Intuit for their Small Business Big Game challenge and to all the fans that voted daily to make this all happen! Here is the commercial that will air tomorrow.

When we were first contacted by Death Wish Coffee about making them some killer custom mugs, we had yet to truly understand what they were all about. After some investigating into their brand one thing became crystal clear – Death Wish is highest caffeinated coffee on the planet, made by the most radical staff, and their fans are incredibly loyal. And the best part is that we get to make their mugs!


A trade for samples was made and within days we received our first pound of Death Wish! Since the smell of the caffeine began to affect us we decided to shoot our first Instagram movie ever starring myself and the potters. This is some SERIOUSLY strong coffee! 

Today we sent off some in-process images to Death Wish and the feedback has been awesome! Our twitter account is buzzing and the likes were the highest we’ve seen since Olive made her debut on Facebook! We are pumped to get their first shipment out and we have a VERY good feeling that a reorder will be in the works soon.


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