Comments that surround 'hand-crafted mugs'... | Deneen Pottery

Comments that surround ‘hand-crafted mugs’…

Comments that surround ‘hand-crafted mugs’…

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If you are an innkeeper, a successful one, then you should have a blog and at least a facebook page… Although I am not a successful innkeeper I have attended many innkeeping conferences where marketing and internet people talk about such things, and I sorta, kinda, listen and do what they say. That is why I am writing this blog, and why we have a facebook page showing our custom handmade mugs and stoneware. It also just happens to be a fact that we make handmade mugs for some of the most successful Inns and B&B’s in the country – And these properties and their innkeepers sometimes include our handmade stoneware mugs in their blogs or Deneen Pottery is tagged in photos on their facebook pages.

Over the holiday season Rabbit Hill, upon urging from Heath Croft, posted a picture of their Jr. Executive mug in Navy w/White on their facebook page.

The artwork is fantastic, and you’ll see the back fill area of the sky in their design really makes the clouds pop… The other amazing thing about this picture is the number of comments that it received! From posting a single picture of their mug, Rabbit Hill Inn now has their guests talking.

If you have mugs in your inn, and a facebook page then please do us, and yourself, a favor and post a picture of your mug!!! Getting a conversation going about your property and your mugs is a great way to utilize facebook and your blog. Keep it short and real and have fun!!!

Wishing you all a prosperous 2011!

Thank you for reading our blog~
Niles Deneen, VP, Marketing

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