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Bostrom’s B&B Mug Story

Bostrom’s B&B Mug Story

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When I first started emailing Judy, owner of Bostrom’s B&B on Little Bay Beach, she had a couple of concerns… Seeing as Judy’s B&B is in Canada there would be an extra charge, on top of shipping, to get an order to her. This is called duty, and it is collected at the boarder and is a percentage of the overall cost of goods that are shipped. The second thing that comes to mind, was how we would be able to come up with a design that would capture her, little piece of heaven, on Little Bay Beach in Ucluelet.

I’m happy to report that the duty isn’t significant, and the design that we were able to create fits her property amazingly well. The first order was shipped in December of last year and by September Judy placed a re-order. As the season was beginning to wind down we didn’t think that the mugs would be needed until spring.

From an email Judy wrote on October 18th, “I’m so glad you called and are sending the mugs early.  As I told you on the phone, my guests are buying the mugs off the table, washing them and putting them in their suitcase ever since I ran out of mugs to sell.” This is the perfect result when you collaborate and come up with a handmade mug and custom design that truly ‘fit’!

“I absolutely cannot believe that everybody doesn’t stock these in their B&B. I never expected to make money from them.  I just wanted to have beautiful mugs on my table and to be able to gift some of my special guests.  I was able to do that without cost and made a profit as well. We are sold out!  I can’t believe it!”

Making hand-thrown mugs for lovely innkeepers, and working within an industry where customer service sets you apart, can bring the best rewards!!! Those rewards, and the reaching impact that we can have on our customers and guests becomes clear when you receive “…a lovely note from one of my guests telling me that every time she has coffee in the mug she thinks of all the past guests that have had happy breakfast conversations over it.”

When our handmade stoneware mugs can have that kind of impact, not only on our wonderful innkeeping customers, on the guests of innkeepers, it really shows that we are doing a good, heck, even a great job! We have a very talented staff of craftspeople, a family that believes in making handmade pottery, and wonderful customers to work with.

If you would like more information on our handmade mugs for your B&B just give us a call or request a catalog from the menu bar on the left.

Thank you for reading our blog!

Niles Deneen – VP, Marketing

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