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Back from the Innkeepers Conference

Back from the Innkeepers Conference

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This one will go down as the ‘COME BACK’ year…

Like most businesses and cycles there are good times and, well, some not-so-good times. Over the last 18 years that we have been vendor members of Paii, we have seen some high highs and some lows… Ever since Jay Karen became president, things have slowly but steadily started to change. Change takes time, but in just a few short years with Jay focusing on the innkeeping industry and as president of Paii, amazing things have started happening, and the Charleston Innkeepers Conference is proof.

We met more new customers, and wrote more orders for existing customers that we have in at least 6 years. “This is the best conference in a long time”, Peter Deneen mentioned after the closing. Peter also said that “more innkeepers increased their orders for our handmade stoneware mugs, and that shows that Jay is doing a great job.” We heard that the attendance was up by 20% over last year! Also the overall mood of all that we talked to was of positivity, filled with renewed hope, excitement for Paii, and the innkeeping industry as a whole.

Since we have many orders for our custom handmade stoneware mugs to enter, approvals to send off and new customers to set up and request artwork from, I am keeping this entry short. Here is one picture from our booth from left to right: Matthew Carroll (Inn at Irish Hollow), Texas Teena, Niles Deneen, Martha Winter, and Mary Deneen.

If any innkeepers have more picture from the conference please email them to me… I forgot my camera and failed to take our my iPhone to capture the day.

Back to work for the family that loves making mugs -Thanks for reading our blog!

Niles Deneen – VP, Marketing

P.S. Jay is not alone in his efforts and we have to thank all the members of the Paii staff and the board – THANK YOU!!!

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