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Another Handmade – Custom Military Coffee Mug

Another Handmade – Custom Military Coffee Mug

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If finding the highest quality, American made mugs for your military unit is your goal – You’ve found the place to order. Our family business has been making mugs (in Minnesota) by hand since 1972, and custom is the only way that we work.

This is the second blog that I’ve done showcasing some of the work that we have done for military units – The mugs that were shown on the previous blog were all done specifically for our customers and the designs were perfected through an approval process. To see those images and that blog click here.

After I posted that earlier blog I did some additional searching and came across one more military mug design – Detachment 14 Silent Warriors. This was one of about 3 orders that we crafted for a special client. The artwork, as you can see, has a great amount of detail and pictures a Bald Eagle with a Native American dream catcher.

Our Glaze-Engraving™ process allows us to capture the greatest detail, and the finest lines, so that YOU will have an amazing emblem on a mug that was crafted by 24 pairs of hands. Yes, you read that correctly – Each mug is touched by 24 different hands through the production process, and that all takes right here, in Minnesota, USA!!!

Footed Mug in Midnight – Silent Warriors

This specific Custom Military Mug was created in a very limited run, only 50  were made, and they shipped out from our factory in the summer of 2009.

Our family pottery company strives to produce the highest quality, handmade stoneware for each and every customer – We look forward to answering your questions – Call us anytime!


Niles Deneen, VP-Marketing


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