196th Infantry Bridage - military mugs- Completed | Deneen Pottery

196th Infantry Bridage – military mugs- Completed

196th Infantry Bridage – military mugs- Completed

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We’ve finally had a few consecutive days not in the 90s – Yep, September is coming and so is Autumn. A few blogs ago I was writing about the different orders that we have done for military units and I showcased a completed design for the 196th Infantry Brigade. The design incorporated both the units path and insignia along with their name and slogan.

Shortly after that post the commander of the unit and I, while working within a budget, came up with an order that allowed us to produce both a small run of Nordic Tankards, and Rancher mug. I was able to save one of the 196th Military Tankards and have photographed it so that you can see it here.

Military Mug by Deneen Pottery – Glaze: Navy Sand White

The second part to this order includes our spanking new glaze – RED. Yep that’s right we have invented a LEAD FREE, CADMIUM FREE, RED GLAZE and it is so full of vibrancy and pop that it is certain to become one of our most popular glaze colors yet!!! I haven’t had time to add it to our web page yet and the only other place you can see it is on our facebook page. I must apologize for this size and detail of this second photo as I only had my iPhone with me.

Military Mug – Glaze: Red Black White

Seeing as this is the first military order that we’ve completed with our new red glaze I had to post a few pictures in a blog. Although summer is a busy time, it is always important to keep working on the ‘fun’ projects. Sharing bit of information with the greater world is definitely one of those things – Even if one a few in the greater world read this.

Ultimately we are proud to work on order for our troops, be they in Hawaii (like the 196th) or in Iraq, Germany, or Utah.

If you have any questions about ordering, our stoneware, or the new RED GLAZE just let us know.

Thank you for reading our blog!

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