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Stoneware for Military Spouses

Stoneware for Military Spouses

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This story begins with a nondescript catalog request that I received back on the 30th of July. Since all catalog requests arrive into my inbox I make a point of answering back and asking a few questions, like how did you find us, and what type of business do you have. Sometimes people don’t answer back but this time I did get an answer back from Janene of Charlottesville, VA.

“I am a volunteer for a military spouses group and we order lots of different items with our crest on it to sell, mostly to spouses.  We have done jewelry items, bags and such and would like to come up with something different so I was just cruising around the internet for ideas.”

Somehow Deneen Pottery surfaced in google and Janene filled out our CATALOG REQUEST page and we began bouncing ideas around. Instead of a handmade military mug, Janene was more interested in our handmade champagne coolers (sometimes called champagne chiller, buckets or crocks) and sent this piece artwork for us to look at:

The wooden ornament provided the perfect amount of detail for us to create this emblem design – The only change that Janene wanted to make was to remove the stars.

The design was approved and an order for 30 Champagne Coolers was placed and we began working on this special JAG CORP military stoneware order. A few weeks after first talking to Janene we shipped her order out and shortly after she wrote back to us. “Hey Niles – I got the pottery!  It’s great!  Thank you so much for everything!”

Here is a picture of the finished piece, done in navy w/white marble glaze:

Supporting those that support our troops is an honor, especially when we are given the opportunity to create handmade stoneware that bears the U.S. Army Jag Corps seal. For more information on how you can get your first order started just send us an email or give us a call – We are here everyday! or call us toll free: 888-646-0238

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