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Initial Stage of the 2010 Paii Mug

Initial Stage of the 2010 Paii Mug

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With the defeat of the Vikings to the New Orleans Saints yesterday night, the mood here in Minnesota is somber… This is why we, here at Deneen Pottery, will turn our attention to more positive things, like the new mug for the Innkeeping Conference & Trade Show hosted by PAII (Professional Association of Innkeepers International).

We’ve been proudly making mugs for PAII and their Innkeeping Show since 1992, when JoAnn Bell first sent out a form letter seeking a ‘handmade mug supplier’ to provide an item to commemorate PAII’s second biennial event. There is much more to this story that I will be reporting on in the weeks to come.

We have been honored to produce a collectable mug for each conference since 1992 and are ready to unveil the tentative mock up for this years show in Austin, Texas. Working with Pat Hardy and JoAnn Bell was a joy for my father, Peter Deneen, and I an just as pleased to be working with the President and CEO of PAII today, Jay Karen.

If you are an innkeeper and are curious about PAII, and the Innkeeping Show click here:

Now for a brief introduction – This new mug style, which is being designed just for PAII, is going to be called the Small Abby. Still in the design phase the Small Abby will hold approximetly 10 oz. and will be about 4 inches tall. The color that we will be using for this inaugural run will be solid chocolate, a perfect western color. The image here pictures the mug in one of our other 33 solid glazesFieldstone.

Innkeeping Conference & Tradeshow 2010 MugInnkeeping Conference & Tradeshow 2010 Mug

Thank you for reading our blog – Stay warm and savor a warm mug in your hands when you can.

Hope to see you at the PAII conference!

Niles Deneen, VP-Marketing

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