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Deneen Pottery supports AMVETS

Deneen Pottery supports AMVETS

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It is not often that we boast or brag about our philanthropic endeavors, but Dad asked that I make a post about a donation that we made yesterday to AMVETS. While we love creating special mug orders for our troops, giving a donation to help our veterans is just one way that we are giving back. Maybe one day we’ll create a logo mug with the AMVETS logo?

My dad picked AMVETS because their main goal is to “serve American veterans who served our country.” Amvets is “one of America’s fore­most vet­er­ans ser­vice orga­ni­za­tions, AMVETS (or Amer­i­can Vet­er­ans) has a proud his­tory of assist­ing vet­er­ans and spon­sor­ing numer­ous pro­grams that serve our coun­try and its cit­i­zens.” They have a rich history and are the first World War II organization to be chartered by Congress on July 23rd, 1947, by President Harry S. Truman.

Another reason that we are highlighting AMVETS is because of my grandfather, Robert Deneen, who was a Crew Chief in the Army Air Corps during WWII and was stationed on Guadacanal. After consulting wikipedia I found out that “the Air Corps was a combatant branch of the Army with less prestige than the Infantry.

John Deneen, my uncle and one of our potters, remembers stories that Grandpa would tell about refueling, arming, and repairing bullet holes. He also said that Grandpa caught and trained two parrots, which stayed with him for his entire tour. Every night a Japanese plane would fly over and drop bombs on the island, at random, and one night my grandpa’s tent was shredded by shrapnel. We count our lucky stars that he was not hurt and lived to tell the tale. The aircraft that my grandpa worked on was the B 25 Mitchell – pictured below.

My grandpa lived in a tent that was close the the airfield and could be one of the soldiers in these pictures.

My grandpa died in 1982 when I was just 7… We miss him, and make this donation to AMVETS in his honor.

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