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Custom Restaurant Mugs

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Our goal is to help you increase your revenue, enhance your customer experience and most of all help your guests remember you each morning they have coffee in their homes.

Since 1972 when my parents, Mary and Peter Deneen, started our pottery company in a 2-car garage our mission has remained unchanged: To create beautiful and functional stoneware for our clients.

Each piece is formed on a potter’s wheel, crafted by a team of artisans and touched by over 24 pairs of hands in our Saint Paul studio. Although amazingly similar, because of their handmade origins, no two mugs are exactly the same.

Hell's Backbone Grill

“ Beautiful, Popular, and Durable ”

“We’ve used Deneen mugs for 18 seasons and they have been beautiful, popular, and durable. We really love your products and so do our guests!”

Jen Castle

Red Fox Diner

“ We get countless compliments on them! ”

“We were scared that they wouldn’t hold up to our hard everyday use but they have!  Plus they are a considerably higher price than the standard white mugs that we get from our supplier but we’ve found that the quality is worth it, and our customers appreciate the fact that they are hand made and feel good in their hands!”

Patty Petrone

Original Pancake House

“ We sell more than enough mugs out the front door to cover the cost of the mugs on the table. ”

“Our customers continue to rave about them even a year into making the switch. We sell more than enough mugs out the front door to cover the cost of the mugs on the table. Surprisingly we break less of the Deneen mugs than we did of our old mugs. They are extremely durable given the abuse we put them through.”

Tom Bruins

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