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Another American Made Mug Story

Another American Made Mug Story

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Making handmade stoneware mugs by hand is just what we do. My family has been at this for almost 40 years, our anniversary is coming up in 2012, and each mug that we make has a story. Every custom stoneware mug that we create is done so for a customer, innkeepers for their  bed and breakfasts, banks, insulation companies, or even National Parks like Valley Forge.

The style of the mug that we are focused on today is our latest and greatest called the patriot. This 12 oz. mug was designed by our potter Wade, who has been throwing pots here for coming up on 15 years. He is also fast becoming our glaze chemist, and we will have some new matte finishes very soon thanks to him. Anyway, back to the story, the Patriot mug! This mug was named on in honor of Independence Day with help from a close knit group of our fans on Facebook.

Pictured in our Navy w/Sand marble glaze and our fieldstone matte – These mugs are on now on their way out to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania’s
first state park, which was established in 1893. “In 1976, the bicentennial year of the Declaration of Independence, the park was transferred to the National Park System as Valley Forge National Historic Park.” The image that was chosen for the mug is George Washington’s head quarters and the intricacy of the each stone of the building is visible in the design.

Seeing this important building on our Patriot mug reinforces what it is that we are doing – Creating timeless permanent pieces of our nations history, one handmade mug at a time.

Look for more mugs at National Parks this season and you can always use our map to find your next original piece of Deneen Pottery – Handmade in the USA since 1972.

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