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911 Mascot, Red E. Fox

911 Mascot, Red E. Fox

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We are serious about pottery… When the time to work arrives on a Monday morning – We’re here doing what it takes to make the best custom pottery mugs! Saving lives is also a serious vocation and one that Red E. Fox doesn’t take lightly. As the mascot for the Allentown 911 Center, Red E. Fox has to be, (as his name implies) ready for anything. Coffee is a BIG part of staying alert and what a better way to keep that coffee tasting good than in a custom handmade mug by Deneen Pottery?

Helping Red and all of the individuals that work with him to keep people safe is a great honor! When Michael, Superintendent of Communications for Allentown, PA, first called to get more information I could only hope that we would get the chance to make mugs for him… Those that serve the public, especially in situations of life and death, are an invaluable part of our society.

“The entire staff was very pleased with how they turned out including our 911 Mascot, Red E. Fox,” Mike wrote in shorty after the mugs arrived.

Like all things that have great worth, you must work to achieve them… That goes the same with this order. Initially Michael sent their logo and asked how a mug might look. This was the first step and one that I did immediately. Here is the first virtual sample pictured on our newest mug style – The Abby.

Along with the Abby the order also included the Barrel mug – That is the one that Red E. Fox likes the best. “We were very impressed with the quality and finish of the mugs as well as the look and feel,” Micheal wrote in an email following delivery of their mugs.  He also wrote, “Our new mugs will certainly be our top choice for our morning cup of coffee.”

Since our mugs are made to last, the staff at Allentown Communications will be enjoying their morning coffee in our mugs for years to come!

As Red E. Fox keeps drinking from his mug, maybe he’ll show it to some of his other friends in Allentown…

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Niles Deneen – VP Marketing

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